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Pediatric Dentistry
Specialized Care for Your Children
From the time their very first teeth start to come in at around six months of age, children experience unique dental needs and require specialized care. Pediatric dentists are skilled in caring for a young child’s unique dental needs in a kind and compassionate way that alleviates the fear many children have surrounding going to the dentist.
Special Child Care With a Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric dentists are dedicated to serving all the dental needs of your children. Without regular, proper dental care, children run the same risks for tooth decay, gum disease, cavities and tooth loss that adults experience. If a child does not get into the habit of visiting a dentist during their youth, they might not visit the dentist through their adulthood, causing problems with their oral health later in life.

Teaching Children the Routine
Children need to be taught the routine of cleaning their teeth. Regular, routine dental care can ensure that a child is caring for their mouth properly in order to have good oral hygiene late into their life. A pediatric dentist can help your child know exactly what to do and what not to do when caring for their mouth.
Vicki Vida Kestler, Your Personal Pediatric Dentist
To Dr. Kestler, every child is special and needs personal attention. Dr. Kestler wants your child to have good oral hygiene throughout life. As such, she makes it her goal to teach her younger patients important dental skills like how to brush and floss properly. During the visit, Dr. Kestler will care for your child’s oral checkup, along with giving your child tips and tricks on how to better care for their mouth.

Experience Staff
Our experienced staff has collectively over 15 years of caring for children coming to the dentist. Let our staff help your children feel comfortable during their visit to the dentist. With Dr. Kestler’s experienced staff, know that your child is being cared for with the uttermost care and attention.
Schedule Your Child’s Appointment Today
Our office environment is relaxing and calm and our staff is experienced in providing assistance with calming the nerves of little ones. Contact our office today to start your child on a lifelong journey of superior oral health that will provide them with a lasting, healthy smile.