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Fix Your Mouth With Bridges in Palmdale, California
Missing Teeth?
If you are missing teeth, dental bridges are a time-tested treatment to fix this issue.

The Problem With Missing Teeth
Whenever teeth are missing in your mouth, it can create issues with your self-confidence and how others see you. Along with your image, missing teeth can have a huge impact on your bite and your ability to chew properly. It can become so serious that you may even find you’re unable to eat some of your favorite foods because of the missing teeth.
Dental Bridges Are the Solution
Dental bridges are manmade teeth implants that use your natural teeth to bridge gaps so that your smile can be fuller and your mouth can be healthy.

Bridging the Gap
Missing teeth create a gap between two of your teeth, which can cause your teeth to concave and not stay where they are. Dental bridges’ basic function is to literally bridge a gap where teeth are missing, creating the properly balanced surface for optimal chewing and good general function of the teeth.
What Makes up a Dental Bridge?
A typical bridge is made up of one or more artificial teeth held together by dental crowns. Each dental bridge is made from durable materials that closely resemble your real teeth. Because of this, you can smile in confidence, resting assured that others will not be aware that you have a dental bridge.

Vicki Vida Kestler, Your Personal Dental Bridge Specialist
Dr. Kestler wants to help each of her patients have the best smile and optimal oral hygiene. Dr. Kestler focuses on each mouth individually, providing guidance on what is best for the situation. If dental bridges are needed, she is the specialist you want helping you in repairing your mouth so you can enjoy your favorite foods again.
Schedule an Appointment With Our Experienced Office
If missing teeth are causing you to lose out on eating some of your favorite foods or causing issues with your self-confidence, you don't have to suffer in silence. Schedule an appointment with our experienced office for a thorough evaluation to help determine if a dental bridge would be the best option for you.